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The  Joy  of  the  Lord  Needy  Foundation  was   established  in  1994  as   a   Community  Based Organisation  at  Ahinsan  Kumasi,  Ghana.  For  19   years  the  organization  has  worked  to  gain global  recognition  through  it service  to  humanity.  The  foundation  is  duly registered  under  the laws  of Ghana and was incorporated in the year 2000 with registration number (G.5663), by the Registrar General’s  Office in Ghana.  The  foundation has  also  been  certified by the  Department of Social Welfare with reference number (D.S.\W I 1276)  since September 2001.

In the  international arena,  the  foundation is  an  associate  Member of the  Global Conference  of NGO’s  in  Consultative  relationship  with  the  United  Nations  (CONGO)  in  Geneva  and  New York. In Ghana the foundation is a member of the following associations;

  • GHANENGO — RBM, Ashanti Region—Ghana
  • Coalition of NGO’s in Health, Ashanti Region—Ghana
  • National Youth Council (NYC) Ashanti Region—Ghana
  • Ashanti AIDS Network (ASAN) —Ghana
  • Conference of NGOS in Consultative Relations with United Nations (CONGO)

Membership   is   opened   to   all  well—mear1ing   people.   Currently  the   foundation  has   a   total membership   of  314  people  including  126   females   and   188   males.   The   objectives   of  the foundation are as  follows:

  • To solicit for financial and general support to cater for the health, education and environmental needs of target communities in order to meet both donor and organisational aspirations
  • To internally monitor and evaluate projects undertaken by the Foundation in order to make sure that it is achieving set goals and targets
  • To provide a  good atmosphere for individual development of staff to achieve the Foundation’s goals and objectives

The foundation is headquartered at Plot 60 BLK “A” Tonoso in the city of Kumasi with satellite offices in Nkawie, Abuakwa and Atwirna towns in Ashanti region of Ghana.  The  foundation is governed by a  seven member Executive Council, a Management Committee which is  chaired by the   Executive   Director  who  has   the   Finance   and   Administration,   Human   Resource   and Monitoring  and  Evaluation  Departments  working  directly  under  the  role.    The  role  of  the  Executive Council is to;

  • monitor and supervise the activities and programs of the foundation,
  • formulate policies and programs for the implementation of the Management Committee

The Management Committee which is  chaired by the  Executive  Director is  responsible  for the following;

  • the successful implementation of projects at the community level.
  • propose programs and operational budgets for consideration and approval by the Executive Council
  • report to the Executive Council quarterly

Below is a brief profile of Key Personnel of the Foundation who are responsible for implementation of the foundation’s projects / programs.

Sn Title/Name Designation Qualification Years
of Experience
1. Rev.
James Kwarteng
Executive Director Masters Degree in Theology 19
2. Rev. Dr.
Joseph Atta Ntiamoah
Finance & Administrative Officer PhD in Finance and Administration 14
3. Mr. S.O.
Asst. Finance & Administrative Officer Masters in Accounting 6
4. Mrs.
Eunice Osei
Youth Counsellor B.A. Social Science 8
5. Mr.
Addai Elvis
Human Resource Officer Masters in Administration 9
6. Mr.
Wilson Afrigyie
Research Officer Degree in Statistics 7
7. Mr.
Frank Gyamfi
Head of Research Department Degree in Pharmacy 6
8. Mr.
Kvvame Sarpong
Peer Educator Dggree in Social Science 6
9. Mrs.
Felicia Kwarteng
Head of Legal Dept LLB Law Degree Holder 7
10. Mrs.
Mavis Osei
Assistant Programme Officer Diploma in Nursing 12
11. Mr.
David Agbee
Accountant ACCA Level ll & Certifi c atein Human Resource
Management / Administration
12. Miss
Patience Agyemang
Legal Officer LLB Law Degree Holder 5
13. Muhammad
Mamun Jatar
Project Co-ordinator Professional Consultant 10


Previous Donors

Since its establishment the foundation has received funding from various donors including the following:

Sn. Organisation Sn Organisation
1. Practical
Solidarity, Bremen, Germany
4. Kurnasi Metropolitan Assembly,Ghana
2. St.
Jogern Hospital, Bremen, Germany
6. Ghana AIDS Cornmission, Ghana
3. Hospital
Ost, Bremen, Germany
7. Atwima District Assembly, Ghana
4. Hospital
Nord, Bremen, Germany
8. Mutter Centrum, Ote, Breman

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